Many businesses operate in offices and it can be tempting to think that office health and safety doesn’t matter as much as working in higher risk environments. However, there are a lot of risks that can harm employees when working in offices if not managed correctly. Office health and safety is something that every company should focus on.

Health and safety at the office can take many forms. Not only are there policies and procedures that affect the business as a whole, but the environment needs special consideration. Many people might assume that the risks can be handled by common sense, but this leaves the organisation vulnerable to legal action and fines if there are accidents or legislation isn’t followed.

Given how quickly office health and safety rules and legislation can change, you will want the advice and recommendations you receive to be relevant and accurate. This ensures that your business will always be compliant with what’s expected, and your employees will be happier, too, as they will be able to complete their work safely.


Health and safety for office locations might not seem as important as other environments in your business but without it, employees can face real hazards and bring problems for the business. Ensuring every location where your staff work is safe should be a real priority and our consultants can help you make sure this is the case.

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Our experienced consultants have worked with many office environments and know what you need to look for to make sure you provide a safe workplace. This might be training for staff on lifting and handling, or resources and procedures for electrical problems, trip hazards and cleaning products. This all helps improve office health and safety.

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